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This step-by-step tutorial shows how to setup PPTP connection on Windows XP and start using GoSoft VPN servers.

Step 1. Open Start and select Control Panel.

Step 2. Select Switch to Category View if control panel is not set to Category View.




Step 3. Select Network and Internet Connections.



Step 4. Select Create connection to the network at your workplace.



Step 5. Select Connect to Virtual Private Network (VPN) and click Next.



Step 6. Fill in the field Company Name with GoSoftVPN (or any name ) and click Next.



Step 7. Fill in the field Host Name with the server name for example jp1.cocjoy.com ( we have 33 servers around the world  )  and click Next. To check all the available servers, this information is available in the Client Area under "Our Servers".



Step 8. Check the Add shortcut to this connection on the desktop option and click Finish.


Step 9.Open the new connection by double clicking on the GoSoftVPN icon available on the desktop.

Step 10. Select Properties and open the Security tab.



Step 11. Uncheck Require data encryption (disconnect if none) and click OK.



Step 12. In the Networking tab select as Type of VPNPPTP then click OK.

Step 11.Fill in your VPN account username and password 



Step 12. Click Connect.

To connect/disconnect the VPN connection right click on the connection icon  and select connect/disconnect.

If you have any problems connecting to the GoSoft VPN please contact us


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